Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Jamaica continues to warn of the impacts of the crew change crisis


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Peter Brady, the head of the Maritime Authority of Jamaica (MAJ), has continued to advise that the global crew change crisis could have far-reaching labor impacts if the issue isn’t resolved promptly.

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By Michael McGrady, Maritime Direct Americas & Pacific Correspondent

Retired Rear Admiral Peter Brady, the director-general of the Maritime Authority of Jamaica, said that the shipping industry is in danger of a mass exodus of crews from their maritime careers. 

Because of the ongoing crew change crisis, more seafarers might opt for shore employment which would offer more security and time at home.

He challenged: “If seafarers are not available to operate the ships, those vessels will simply lay alongside idle. Does the world need that now?” 

“There is an absolute need to urgently inform, educate, and sensitize both business leaders and consumers across the world as to the important role shipping plays in delivering 90 percent of global trade,” Brady said.

“Then, we must emphasize the stark fact that those ships are staffed by persons who need to be rotated promptly at the end of their contracted shift at sea and returned to their homes and families for the sake of their mental and physical health,” he added. “Doing this is essential for the safe operation of ships, thereby protecting lives and the environment as well.”

MAJ represents Jamaica at the International Maritime Organization. 

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