Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Video: Roman wreck full of wine amphorae discovered off Sicily


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Italian archaeologists have discovered a wreck from the second century B.C in 300 feet of water off Isola delle Femmine, near Palermo.

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A Roman shipwreck full of amphorae has been found by archaeologists working in waters off Sicily.

Laying in around 300 feet of water, the wreck was discovered near Isola delle Femmine, Palermo, and was heavily laden with amphorae of a type usually used to transport wine.

The find was made as part of an underwater reconnaissance campaign by the regional Agency for Environmental Protection (ARPA Sicilia) using an ROV from the deck of the oceanographic vessel Calypso South.

“The Mediterranean continually gives us precious elements for the reconstruction of our history linked to maritime trade, the types of boats, the transports carried out, the thalassocracies, but also data relating to life on board and the relationships between coastal populations,” said Sicily’s Superintendent of the Sea, Valeria Li Vigni.

“The discovery confirms the presence of numerous archaeological remains in the bathymetric bands over 50/80 meters, which stimulates us to continue our research in the deep sea.”

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