Monday, November 29, 2021

UK army chief urges retaliation against Iran for Mercer Street attack


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General Sir Nick Carter says Iran has made a “deadly mistake” in tanker attack that cost two lives.

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The UK’s Chief of the Defence Staff says Iran has made a “deadly mistake” in attacking the 49,992-dwt product tanker Mercer Street, and that Britain should retaliate to discourage further attacks on vessels in the Gulf of Oman.

“What we need to be doing fundamentally is calling out Iran for very reckless behaviour,” said General Sir Nick Carter, on BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme on Wednesday.

“They made a big mistake on the attack they did against the Mercer Street vessel last week because, of course, that has very much internationalised the state of play in the Gulf.”

The Mercer Street’s Romanian master and a British national employed as a security guard were killed when a suspected Iranian drone targeted the Israeli-owned ship on 29th July.

The Briton has been named as Fijian-born former British Army veteran Adrian Underwood who was employed by UK-based maritime security firm Ambrey.

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