Monday, November 29, 2021

Dispute between charterer and disponent owner leaves bulker at sea


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A competing bill of lading has left the bulker Vicjour Ace unable to dock at Barranquilla, Columbia.

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An ongoing dispute between Singapore-based Poseidon Global Shipping and charterer Aris, has left the 50,3209-dwt bulker Vicjour Ace unable to unload its cargo.

The ship was to carry steel from China to three South American ports, including Barranquilla, where Aris issued bills of lading to discharge cargo.

The Singaporean company turned to the US courts for a $10m security after it said Aris issued a competing bill of lading with significant discrepancies from the original after the ship lightered at Santa Marta.

Poseidon Global argues the cargo is worth $10.9m and that it is potentially liable given that one of the two receivers will demand delivery. The lawsuit orders the vessel to stay in place, rather than obey orders from Aris to enter Santa Marta.

The ship’s owner is Vicjour Ace Marine, which shares a Hong Kong address with commercial manager Vicjour Shipping. 

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