Wednesday, January 26, 2022

VIDEO: 20 Tons of Hashish Intercepted on Ship by Spanish Police


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Cargo Ship with 20 Tons of Hashish Gets Busted

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On Aug 9, authorities announced the interception of 20 tons of hashish, worth around $470 million. Additionally, in the crew quarters, the investigators discovered over 26 pounds of marijuana, believing the crew members were smuggling it to sell for their own personal profit. Spanish authorities were able to arrest eleven crew members, all Syrians, suspected of smuggling on a ship that appeared to be in very bad condition.

The vessel, a 38yr old cargo ship operating under the name Natalia, had no idea that it was being tracked by authorities after raising previous suspicions. The investigators assumed that it was on its way to Morocco and Spanish authorities decided to intercept the ship when it arrived near the Canary Islands.

Once aboard, the national police team discovered numerous issues with the vessel’s engine and a likelihood of it sinking, raising safety concerns. According to the authorities, these dilapidated ships are typical of the type that traffickers employ, which are frequently abandoned or disposed of once the smuggling operation is through.

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