Monday, November 29, 2021

Covid-19 Outbreak Causes Ports Australia to Ask for Aid


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Ports Australia Asking for Help to Combat Covid-19

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Amid a Covid-19 breakout amongst seafarers and employees at DP World’s and Hutchison Ports’s Port Botany terminals and even the Victoria International Container Terminal (VICT), staff are working very cautiously to maintain proper safety measures that threaten the health and safety conditions of the area.

The Federal Government has been asked to assist in proper safety practices by the Ports Australia.

Ports Australia announced that terminals would be closed momentarily for cleaning but advised that although there’s been an outbreak, it’s expected that in order to deter any delays or disruptions to container flow, operations would continue as normal.

“If this instance of Covid-19 invading a workforce has occurred while Sydney and Melbourne are still under hard lockdown, one can only imagine the likelihood of such instances once we begin living with the virus and our supply chain workers are exposed by the community whether vaccinated or not,” said Ports Australia’s CEO, Mike Gallacher.

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