Saturday, December 4, 2021

MSC Takes New Step Towards Digitalization


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BIC Facility Codes for MSC Globally

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Created in November 2020 by the Bureau International des Containers (BIC), the BIC Facility Codes (BFC) controls a database with the assistance of the Digital Container Shipping Association (DCSA), to aid in the digitalization of the container shipping industry.

Swiss-based MSC has now joined the digitalized movement by announcing that they are the first shipping company in the world to accept BIC Facility Codes (BFC) globally. They believe this will improve efficiency with clearer communication on a daily basis and provide precise and accurate data which will further future opportunities for growth.

Throughout this year the the company has been working on the process of transitioning and now, MSC’s depots globally are categorized with a 9-character BFC code.

“Adopting the BIC Facility Codes is a great example of a variety of digital workstreams at MSC coming together to make strides for the digital future of shipping,” said Andre Simha, Global Chief Digital and Information Officer for MSC

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