Monday, November 29, 2021

US Coast Guard Investigates MSC Containership in Oil Spill Investigation


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California Oil Spill Investigation Looks into MSC Containership

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On October 16 the US Coast Guard boarded and investigated an MSC containership located in the Port of Long Beach in regards to an ongoing investigation into the recent oil spill that was found to have been caused by a dragged pipeline on the ocean floor in the area on October 2.

Other vessels are also being investigated, however the MSC Danit vessel is of interest because in January 2021 it was in the vicinity of the Southern California ports and was involved in an anchor-dragging incident at that time.

The pipeline was said to have been pulled 32 meters from its original location on the ocean floor resulting in 3,000 barrels, approximately 126,000 gallons of crude oil to be released into the Pacific Ocean causing one of the worst oil spills on the California coast in history.

The investigation continues on this matter.

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