Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Bulk Carrier Busted a Second Time for Cocaine Trafficking


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529 kilos of Cocaine Found on Vessel for the Second Time

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Suspicions are surrounding Trudy a bulk carrier that was recently found to be transporting cocaine for the second time this month.

Reports are coming in that on October 10 Trudy was hi-jacked for several hours while at Dunkirk Port in France by a group of individuals. Unaware of why the ship was being held, it now appears to be that it was being loaded with a cargo of cocaine.

The ship was able to leave port without cause but was never inspected again until it reached Rotterdam in the Netherlands on October 26 and was found to have an estimated 529 kilos of cocaine hidden in a cargo hold.

Earlier this month, Trudy was found to have 1.1 tons of cocaine hidden aboard the vessel on October 1 after the ship was seized by French police in the English Channel during a tip-off.

It was reported that Trudy was able to depart Rotterdam and is currently en route to Turkey.

No additional information was released in regards to the crew, detainment or what was even the result of the second drug bust.

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