Wednesday, December 1, 2021

OOCL Announces a Fraud Warning


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Warning of Fraudulent Activities by OOCL

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People have been receiving unsolicited emails from Orient Overseas Container Line (OOCL) which at first glance appear to be coming from employees within the company however upon further look, it appears that random and suspicious email addresses are being used.

OOCL has now come out with an official announcement to inform that they are aware of the fraudulent emails and also warn others of the issue to not become victim of submitting any information in return.

The companies announcement stated, “Fraudsters can attempt to defraud remittances through the unauthorized use of the OOCL name via email correspondences, informing the victim to change the payment receiving bank account number to one owned by the fraudster,” it continued “This is a trap and everyone must take every precaution to avoid becoming a victim.”

The concern is the email contains a hyperlink to click in order to remit payment from customers.

OOCL advises any customer that if they receive an email with a request to remit payment for services to call a representative at OOCL to verify the authenticity beforehand.

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