Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Huge kinetic sculpture makes climate change visible


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German artist Robert Kessler has made a 70-meter tall kinetic sculpture that visualises climate change.

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At the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, German artist Robert Kessler presents his project “Climate Meter” – a 70-meter-high kinetic sculpture that visualises climate change very simply. Current international research data controls its position and shows the acceleration of global warming.

The magnitude and abstractness of the climate catastrophe overwhelms many people. That is why the first step towards defence is understanding the imminent danger to our planet. The sculpture “Climate Meter” visualises this threat with a set of scales and makes abstract climate data tangible. Restoring the balance of the scales is the goal.

“I decided to create a work that makes the connection between the ecosystem and the world’s climate understandable and thus motivate people to act climate-consciously,” explains Robert Kessler. The “CM” provides an urgently needed tool for raising awareness at the 2021 Climate Summit.

As a social kinetic artist, Robert Kessler addresses socially relevant issues. His understanding of dynamic processes makes it possible to portray them artificially and to encourage people to think or act.

The Cultural and Creative Industries Initiative of Germany’s Government has awarded Kessler the title of “Cultural and Creative Pilot”.

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