Thursday, December 2, 2021

Aborted Mission by Philippine Navy Will Redeploy Again


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Philippine Navy Heads Back Out to South China Sea

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On November 16 two Philippine boats carrying food and supplies to marines located on a base in the South China Sea were halted from doing so after being blocked by Chinese Coast Guard ships and then sprayed using their water cannons causing them to turn around.

After calls between the two government to understand the issue and concern, the Philippine military has decided to redeploy the ships to the South China Sea in order to service their marines.

On Monday November 22 the two Philippine wooden boats were re-loaded with supplies and navy personnel and headed back out the South China Sea expecting to reach the Philippine navy ship located at Second Thomas Shoal on November 23 with no issues.

The Philippine navy expressed that they will have a navy plane complete a routine fly-over once the boat makes contact with the marines to be sure that all is well once contact is made.

Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana said, “The Chinese ambassador assured me they will not be impeded but they requested there should be no escort.”

China is adamant they control the waters in the area but the Philippine government expresses they are internationally recognized waters.

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