Tuesday, January 18, 2022

VIDEO: Personal Luxury Submarines Could be in the Future


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Tourism Submarines a Possibility for Ocean Exploration

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Florida-based company, Triton Submarines is tapping into the idea of providing private submersible deep sea diving experiences coupled with luxury via their vessels.

The company is known for having completed the world’s first private submersible dive in Antarctica and known to have produced the world’s first ever seen 4K footage of the Titanic.

In 2020 Triton Submarines completed another feat as they introduced the “world’s largest capacity acrylic-hulled personal submersible,” which has the capacity to carry six people and dive to a depth of 3,300 feet with a speed of 3 knots (3.45-mph/5.5-km/h).

Triton President Patrick Lahey said, “The thoughtful and strategic placement of equipment and shaping of external structures to optimize viewing are an essential part of the design process,” he continues.  “We locate control and monitoring systems around the pilot and avoid positioning anything that might obstruct or diminish viewing. This also reduces the likelihood of a passenger inadvertently manipulating a control system by keeping them out of reach.”

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