May 29, 2022 12:53


Pirates Hijack Offshore Supply Vessel

Offshore Supply Vessel Gets Overrun by Pirates Reports are coming in that on October 25 pirates were able to attack and board the Montet Tide

Upgrades at the Seuz Canal Container Terminal

Equipment Improvements for the Seuz Canal Container Terminal After the recent improvements and more than $60m investment upgrades, this now makes the Seuz Canal Container

Shipwreck- 17 Migrants Drown Off Tunisia

17 Drown Off Tunisia Coast in Shipwreck More than 380 were rescued by the coastguard while at least 17 migrants drowned in a disaster off Tunisia attempting


Ancient Military Vessel Discovered in Egypt

Divers Discover an Ancient Military Vessel in Sunken City A dive team made a unique discovery at Thônis-Heracleion—once Egypt’s greatest port on the Mediterranean—a military